Biology as a technology is key to the sustainable future of people and planet. However, proprietary models of ownership, market consolidation and lack of access to knowledge and research tools such as equipment and reagents are just three of many factors restricting who has the ability to perform biological research and agency to shape the direction of biotechnology at a time when governments across the world are producing strategies to build knowledge-based bioeconomies.

The research and development capabilities required in a bioeconomy require increased access to foundational and enabling technologies and this goal is increasingly achievable in low resource settings.

The mission of the Open Bioeconomy Lab is to contribute to creating an open, sustainable and equitable bieconomy through: 

  1. Investigating the evidence base for an open bioeconomy.
  2. Developing open research tools that make the public domain technologies accessible, used and useful.
  3. Researching and addressing fundamental issues in access to biological reagents and the role of open technologies and local manufacturing approaches to overcome them.